About the ContactFinda contact targeting and
business contact management solution

ContactFinda is a simple and easy to use software tool designed to
make it easier to find people online. Its advanced contact targeting
algorithm makes it the best contact finder you’ll ever use.

ContactFinda was conceived by a salesperson who wanted to make finding contacts easier, having experienced two key frustrations.


It is expensive to buy contact lists!

Buying contacts was not only prohibitively expensive, it was extremely inefficient. Considering the price of these business contact lists, they were highly inaccurate and simply not an effective way to find people.


It was incredibly tedious to scan the internet to get relevant, recent and useful contact details!

All of the information is there publicly online… but that’s just the problem. ALL of it. Sorting through it at normal human speed was not practical or rewarding.


There had to be a better way – and so ContactFinda was born.

Our Solution

We organised a crack team of data scientists, social media gurus, programmers and other IT boffins and worked out an automated solution to the problem. And we created ContactFinda – a software solution which automates the previously expensive, tedious, inefficient process of generating high value, accurate and relevant lists of contacts.


We knew the solution had to be affordable, too.

That’s one place where ContactFinda really excels – price. No arguing for budgets, no justifying expense or making business cases for huge lists and databases.
Just a monthly or yearly subscription for a service that is always up to date, always accurate and always highly targeted, and still costs a fraction of doing it ‘the old way’

It’s easy. Just tell the software a few things about the people you need to target, and it does the rest.

You get a bespoke accurate, recent and highly detailed list of contacts.

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