What makes ContactFinda special?

ContactFinda is a fully automated solution which makes it easy to find contacts online. You tell it what job titles, Company names or locations to search for, and it delivers accurate, detailed and highly relevant results.

That means you'll never have to buy lists or spend hours manually researching contacts again!


ContactFinda makes finding someone online easy

ContactFinda uses a unique, fully proprietary algorithm to identify live, accurate and detailed information about the people who meet your chosen criteria. It cross-references, double checks and validates all of its results before presenting them to you, letting you simply get to work with your new list of business contacts.


ContactFinda means you’ll never have to buy leads again!

It uses publicly available sources of data – such as LinkedIn – to find accurate, recent and relevant contact data – just what you need to find people who want and need to know about your products or services.



Very simple to use interface that can generate hundreds of contacts in just a few clicks


Search for contacts using criteria such as job title, company, seniority, country and any other key words


For every contact found you get a link to their LinkedIn profile


For every contact found you get a link to the latest news about that person


If you know the email format for the companies you are targeting, ContactFinda will apply the format to each result found


Search criteria can be saved and re-run as often as required to find the latest up-to-date contacts

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